Part of Lightkeepers Boys series.

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Irene Howat


Part of Lightkeepers Girls series.

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Original price was: NPR 900.00.Current price is: NPR 500.00.
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ne Howat

“Irene Howat is an award-winning author who lives in Scotland. She has published many biographical books for all ages and is particularly well-known for her biographical material. She has written many books about the lives of different Christians from around the world. She has also written a biographical work about her own life entitled: Pain My Companion. Irene has many other interests including painting, dog walking and editing her Church’s young people’s magazine called The Instructor.”

Ten Boys Who Made History

These Christian stalwarts were once young boys playing games, learning from mistakes and growing up in quite a different world. But was it that different? Irene Howat has researched the lives of these men of God and draws out lessons we can all relate to, especially youngsters today. These boys made history… Charles Spurgeon; Jonathan Edwards; Samuel Rutherford; D L Moody; Martyn Lloyd Jones; A W Tozer; John Owen; Robert Murray McCheyne; Billy Sunday; George Whitefield.


Ten Boys Who Didn’t Give in

These ten boys grew up in hard times throughout history to become men who didn’t give in to the pressure against their faith. Living as a Christian was difficult, but they chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. In a world where we give in too easily, be inspired by the true stories of those who didn’t! Includes the stories of Nate Saint, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Thomas Cranmer, and Polycarp, with the biographies of other great heroes of the faith.

Ten Boys Who Changed the World

George Muller was a thief when he was younger and spent time in jail for his crimes. Brother Andrew grew up in Holland during the Second World War and played tricks on German soldiers. Nicky Cruz grew up in a family where spirit worship was a regular occurrence. He became a very angry young man, out to cause trouble. John Newton was captured at a young age and forced to join Her Majesty’s Navy, leaving his friends and family behind.

What happened to these young boys and how did God make them into men who changed their world?

Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents

Explore the transformative journeys of ten exceptional boys who grew into impactful men, utilizing their talents and gifts to serve God and the world, as narrated in the bestselling ‘Lightkeepers’ series by acclaimed biographer Irene Howat.

Ten Boys Who Made a Difference
Ten Boys Who Made a Difference:-Embark on an inspiring journey through the lives of ten remarkable women who fulfilled their callings, and discover your own purpose through their stories.


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