Part of Lightkeepers Girls series

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Irene Howat


Part of Lightkeepers Girls series.

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ne Howat

“Irene Howat is an award-winning author who lives in Scotland. She has published many biographical books for all ages and is particularly well-known for her biographical material. She has written many books about the lives of different Christians from around the world. She has also written a biographical work about her own life entitled: Pain My Companion. Irene has many other interests including painting, dog walking and editing her Church’s young people’s magazine called The Instructor.”

Ten Girls Who Made a Difference

These ten girls grew up to do just that…Katherine Luther, Bethan Lloyd–Jones, Sabina Wurmbrand, Susanna Wesley, Ann Judson, Edith Schaeffer, Ruth Bell Graham, Monica of Thagaste, Susannah Spurgeon, Maria Taylor. Read this book and find out what God wants you to do.

Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

Inspiring tales of ten girls embracing their unique gifts to serve and spread God’s message of love and compassion.

Ten Girls Who Didn’t Give in

Ten Girls, in this inspiring narrative, depicts the extraordinary stories of resilient women who, with unwavering faith, defied challenges and chose the path of courage, obedience, and unwavering love.

Ten Girls Who Changed the World

Ten Girls Who Changed the World:-Discover the compelling tales of remarkable women who defied odds, from Corrie Ten Boom’s courage in WWII to Joni Eareckson’s inspirational journey, in this captivating read by award-winning author Irene Howat, suitable for ages 7-12.

Ten Girls Who Made History
Ten Girls Who Made History:-Featuring Ida Scudder, Betty Green, Janette Li, Mary Jane Kinnaird, Bessie Adams, Emma Dryer, Lottie Moon, Florence Nightingale, Henrietta Mears and Elizabeth Elliot.


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