चर्चालाई पुनः पत्ता लगाउनु – Rediscover Church

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“चर्चविनाको ख्रीष्टियान भनेको समस्यामा परेको ख्रीष्टियान हो।” (A Christian without a church is a Christian in trouble.)


विश्वव्यापी महामारीका कारण अनुपेक्षित रूपमा आराधना स्थलहरू बन्द भएदेखि, धेरै इसाईहरूले भर्चुअल सेवाहरूलाई बेवास्ता गर्दै, चर्चको जीवनलाई छोडेका छन् । तर यो प्रवृत्ति कोभिड-१९ भन्दा अघि पनि थियो । राजनैतिक र जातीय ध्रुवीकरणका मुद्दाहरूले केही मानिसहरूलाई चर्च र एकाअर्काबाट टाढा जान आश्वस्त गर्‍यो । ख्रीष्टमा दाजुभाइ तथा दिदिबहिनीहरूलाई भेला गर्न पुनःसङ्कल्प गर्ने समय आएको छ ।


Since a global pandemic abruptly closed places of worship, many Christians have skipped church life, even neglecting virtual services. But this was a trend even before COVID-19. Polarizing issues, including political and racial strife, convinced some people to pull away from the church and one another. Now it’s time to recommit to gathering as brothers and sisters in Christ.

In Rediscover Church, Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman discuss why church is essential for believers and God’s mission. Through biblical references and personal stories, they show readers God’s true intention for corporate gathering: to spiritually strengthen members as individuals and the body of Christ. In an age of church-shopping and livestreamed services, rediscover why the future of the church relies on believers gathering regularly as the family of God.

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