Nehemiah For You

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Expository Bible-study guide to Nehemiah.                                                                                                          Part of the  series.

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The book of Nehemiah chronicles a key moment in the history of God’s people: the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem after the return from exile.

Understanding this book doesn’t just mean knowing about a rebuilt wall. Nehemiah helps us think through any type of rebuilding we might do for God—from our homes and families to our local church, our communities and our world. It teaches us, ultimately, about Jesus and his mission.

A pastor with decades of experience in cities, Dr. Eric Mason unpacks this rich book verse by verse. He explains the context, gives plenty of application for our lives today, and shows us what it looks like to get involved in God’s work to build his kingdom.

This expository guide can be read as a book; used as a devotional; and utilized in teaching and preaching.

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