Get Offa My Case

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Godly Parenting of an Angry Teen

Rick Horne
This is a book about transformation — sometimes sooner and sometimes later — of an angry, defiant teen.

This is a book about transformation — the transformation, sometimes sooner and sometimes later, of an angry, defiant teen. More immediately, though, it’s about transformation in that teen’s fearful, exasperated, and hurting parents. There is no silver bullet that will transform an angry teen into a respectful, responsible young adult. However, there is a God who can transform us, the way we parent and the atmosphere of our home. This book draws parents’ attention to their need to pursue and be satisfied with God’s glory, which in turn allows them to seek change in their teenager’s heart. It shows parents how to reestablish godly family leadership and helps them to find the joy of the Lord — even if their teen doesn’t change.



Part 1: Keeping Your Footing in Rough Waters

1. Keeping Your Footing as God’s Glory Motivates You
2. Keeping Your Footing as God’s Promises Encourage You
3. Keeping Your Footing as God’s Word Instructs You
4. Keeping Your Footing as Prayer Positions You

Part 2: Shepherding Your Teen into Deep Waters
5. The Riptide of Your Parental Identitiy
6. The Riptide of Your Teen’s Identity
7. The Riptide of Accountability

Part 3: Allowing Your Teen to Sink in Deep Waters (Sinking is not Drowning)

8. Make the Water Deep: By Differentiating Privileges and Rights
9. Make the Water Deeper: By Attaching Priviliges to Respectful and Responsible Choices
10. Make the Water Deepest: By Identifying Respectful and Responsible Attitudes
11. Develop Your Plan to Shepherd Your Teen into Deep Water

Part 4: Our Story – “You Have Made Him Glad with the Joy of Your Presence”

12. Deep, Deeper, and Deepest Water in Our Household
13. What We Are Learning from Our Pilgrimage with an Angry teen

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Rick Horne

Rick Horne

Rick Horne, M. Div. (Reformed Episcopal Seminary), M. Ed. (West Chester University), D. Min. (Westminster Theological Seminary) has over 30 years experience in Christian school guidance and counseling. Rick is the coordinator of the Graduate Concentration in School Guidance Counseling in the M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction major at Columbia International University. He is Chester, PA Site Coordinator and Academic Dean for The Urban Ministry Institute of World Impact, Inc.








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