Good Mood, Bad Mood

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Help and Hope for Depression and Bipolar Disorder Kindle Edition

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Depression and bipolar disorder are two of the most common diagnoses made in medicine today. Good Mood, Bad Mood examines whether we are in an epidemic or if we have simply changed how we label our sad moods. Current research seems to indicate that the criteria we use to diagnose depression has resulted in an increased and incorrect labeling of common sadness as depression.
While medical treatment for depression remains the most popular way to deal with these problems, it has not proven to be as good as we hoped. Instead of eliminating and curing the pain of depression and the struggles of bipolar disorder, the numbers of people labeled and treated constantly increase. In Good Mood, Bad Mood, Dr. Charles Hodges offers an explanation that seeks to help the reader see the importance of sadness and the hope that God gives us in His word to deal with sad moods.

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