Haggai’s Feast

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Brian J. WrightJohn R. Brown


Part of Minor Prophets series.

Discover Haggai’s enduring lessons of obedience and courage in this innovative storybook presentation of the minor prophets’ timeless wisdom.

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Haggai’s Feast

Haggai’s Feast: Minor Prophets, Book 4″ is a captivating and immersive book that brings to life the story of the prophet Haggai. Written for children aged 4 to 10, this beautifully illustrated tale takes young readers on a journey of discovery, exploring the powerful messages and lessons found within the book of Haggai.

In this inspiring narrative, children will encounter the story of Haggai, who was called by God to deliver a message to the people of Israel. Haggai encouraged the Israelites to rebuild the temple and restore their spiritual connection with God. Through engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations, young readers will witness the determination and faith of Haggai as he leads the people in fulfilling God’s instructions.

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